Lamello – Synonymous with Wood Joining Technology


The development from a small carpenter shop to a world-famous industrial manufacturer of wood joining technology and tools with constant new product and systems solutions is the impressive record of Lamello AG of Bubendorf, Switzerland. Lamello offers the right solution and suitable materials for mechanical joining of wood, plastics, metals and (artificial) stone.

In 1944 Hermann Steiner opened a carpenter’s shop in Liestal. In the middle of the 50’s, whilst looking for a simple means of joining the recently introduced chipboard, he invented almost by accident the now world-famous Lamello Joining System. In the succeeding years there followed further developments such as the circular saw and the first stationary biscuit (plate) joining machine in 1956 followed by the first portable biscuit joiner for Lamello grooves in 1968. In this logical way the change from a small business to an industrial manufacturer of power tools and innovative joining technology progressed. 

In 1969 the family operation was incorporated by the name of Lamello AG. In 1973 the new production and administration facilities in Bubendorf were taken into service. From 1984 onwards, subsidiaries were established in Austria, Germany, Benelux and Italy for the Europe-wide sales. The “Lamello Top 10” biscuit joiner introduced to the market in 1988 soon became a best seller. In 1996, in order to extend its product range, Lamello took over the gluing equipment sector of Swiss company "Schneeberger AG". With the introduction of the revolutionary INVIS® joining system, a magnetically operated screw connection, the company once more caused a big sensation in 2001. In 2002 the company established its own base for INVIS sales in North America. Because of the strategic importance of the North American market for the entire Lamello product range, INVIS North America acts also as a link between the Swiss headquarter and the local North American distributors. The range of products and services is constantly being adapted and expanded to meet global market requirements.

Nowadays Lamello is not only a renowned manufacturer of joining elements and power tools for the woodworking industry but a worldwide synonymous for Wood Joining Technology. Today Lamello AG has a highly motivated staff of about 70 persons of which approx.  50 at the production site in Bubendorf. In addition to its own four branches, Lamello AG has distributors in over 40 countries located around the world.

The Lamello Company Mission is:

“We pick up our customers’ problems in the field  of mechanical joining technology as well as in related areas and

             ... develop, produce and sell  high-quality top  solutions worldwide for this

             ... which stand out thanks to innovative flexibility in design and use,
                 high productivity and cost effectiveness


The current product and service range consists of 5 business units and a range of pre- and after-sales services

1. Wood Joining Systems (biscuit joining & milling power tools & joining elements)

2. Wood Repair Systems (circular patching, patching, wide patching, edge patching and  flush milling power tools, Minispot milling machines, milling tools and patches)

3. Special Power Tools (edge milling, flush milling, laminate trimmer, multi purpose cutters and shadow joint cutters),

4. Glue Application Systems (equipment, standard and customized nozzles & pistols as well as a comprehensive range of accessories)

5. INVIS Joining Systems (Starter kits, magnetic actuators, a wide range of standard and customer-specific Invis joining elements)
Lamello once more takes on a pioneering role by the originally designed and innovative INVIS joining system that joins and then releases again, wood, metal and plastic work pieces or a mixture of work of different materials without physical contact and this completely invisible.  With a patented, rotary magnet-operated screw connection and a special magnetic actuator, connections that are completely embedded in each material and completely invisible from the outside can be tightened and loosened again. The INVIS System has been honoured by many awards e.g. the Deutsche Bundesinnovationspreis (German Innovation Prize) and the “Lyon d'Or”, the main prize for innovative products at the Eurobois exhibition, the “Innovationspreis beider Basel” and several others. Over 3-5 years the product will become a major generator of turnover for Lamello and for the Lamello Group it represents an opportunity which is highly comparable with that of the Lamello wood joining system.

With this comprehensive product range for the entire woodworking sector, joining, gluing, patching and flush milling, Lamello offers convincing, well thought-out and effective solutions that are in heavy demand for problems in both the trade (e.g. cabinet builders and carpentries) and in industrial woodworking (furniture and window production, exhibition outfitters). With the new portable window strip milling cutter Lamello permits substantial increases in productivity with at the same time a massive reduction in the need for rework in the sector of old building renovation.
INVIS allows users to find new creative solutions that have not been possible until now (aesthetics, function, logistics). INVIS also permits Lamello to offer solutions outside the woodworking industry for all areas in which operational safety (tamper-proof) is of primary importance (e.g. attachment of service accesses in lift construction, museums and public buildings and installations.)

Our products and systems reach the markets mainly via our specialist distributors and dealers that are coached by our sales representatives. Depending on the local markets structures the business units 3, 4 and 5 could also be handled via alternative sales channels as indicated on your website table of contacts (button “distribution”). 

Lamello currently has numerous developments and applications in the trial phase with the roll out scheduled in the near future. Lamello will grow further with the expansion of its portfolio. In order to present innovations and to find new customers, alongside the internet, Lamello uses both dealer house shows and participation in specialist exhibitions worldwide such as Ligna, Xylexpo, IWF, Holzhandwerk (wood handicraft) or the Ulmer Schreinertag (Ulm Carpenters’ Day), as well as classic communications media such as specialist magazines, brochures and mail shots.